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stellenbosch wine farms

Stellenbosch Wine Farms

Are you looking for great Wine Farms in Stellenbosch?

Clos Malverne is a Stellenbosch Wine Farm that is very much a family affair.

Our Stellenbosch Wine Farm is renowned for its classic flagship Cape Blends, has plenty on offer for wine enthusiasts who are looking for a more hands-on encounter with the winemakers during the Stellenbosch Wine Week.

Situated just outside Stellenbosch in the breath taking Devon Valley, lays the family owned Stellenbosch Wine Farm of Clos Malverne. The Prichard family have owned this beautiful vinyard since 1969 and have celebrated there 25th year of wine production in 2010. Also situated on the estate is a luxurious spa that will cater for your every wellness needs. The spa is also run and owned by Belinda Prichard, daughter of Clos Malverns's owner Seymour Pritchard.

Our Clos Malverne Restaurant with ambiance set for relaxation and panoramic view overlooking the valley will ensure a welcoming environment. The chef Nadia Louw will thrill your every taste bud with her contemporary international menu.

Like many Stellenbosch Wine Farms we offer a beautiful wedding venue and conference rooms.

The Devon Valley micro-climate is key to the quality of grapes grown on Clos Malverne. Although the valley is shallow it acts as a natural receptacle for the morning summer mists that linger around Stellenbosch. The valley is cooler than surrounding areas, significantly lengthening the ripening season, resulting in very ripe grapes. The vineyards are mostly planted on the gently sloping terrain of the valley. We offer wine tours, wine tasting and of course our famous wine and ice cream paring menu.

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What’s Happening @ Clos Malverne

Clos Malverne Wine Farms
A Void in the Landscape

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